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US-7907560-B2: Method, system and program product for indicating concurrent service capability with enhanced precision patent, US-8137550-B1: Fluid remediation system for removing particulates from an aqueous stream patent, US-8365473-B2: Prefabricated self-supporting construction element patent, US-7020063-B2: Optical pickup patent, US-7095701-B2: Optical disc recording and/or reproducing apparatus and aberration adjustment method patent, US-7136204-B2: Full-zone optical image addressing apparatus patent, US-7384610-B2: Method and means of disposing of hazardous wastes connected with criminal activity patent, US-8057191-B2: Electrokinetic micropump having ion-exchange membranes patent, US-8139216-B2: Optical package alignment systems and protocols patent, US-8299581-B2: Passivation layer extension to chip edge patent, US-6815776-B2: Multi-finger type electrostatic discharge protection circuit patent, US-6932400-B2: Desktop bible carrying case patent, US-7040335-B1: Scent containment system for hunting blinds patent, US-7228930-B1: Three wheel motorcycle conversion assembly patent, US-7478250-B2: System and method for real-time detection of computer system files intrusion patent, US-7654517-B2: Image scanning apparatus and image scanner patent, US-7849889-B2: Applicator wheel for filling cavities with metered amounts of particulate material patent, US-8130716-B2: Radio base station and scheduling method patent, US-8189564-B2: System and method for facilitating VoIP communications patent, US-8218537-B1: Dual signaling format switch fabric with multiplex capability patent, US-6906651-B2: Constant current source with threshold voltage and channel length modulation compensation patent, US-6920455-B1: Mechanism and method for managing service-specified data in a profile service patent, US-7115282-B2: Multi component controlled release system for anhydrous cosmetic compositions patent, US-7249941-B2: Device for manufacturing plastic lens patent, US-7346760-B2: Data processing apparatus of high speed process using memory of low speed and low power consumption patent, US-7359013-B2: Display capable of selectively displaying two-dimensional and three-dimensional images patent, US-7388637-B2: Method for producing film with tilted alignment, film with tilted alignment, and image display using same patent, US-7447496-B2: Method for providing subscriber-based ringback tone through a call-orginating exchanger patent, US-7596173-B2: Test apparatus, clock generator and electronic device patent, US-7651678-B2: Methods to impair hematologic cancer progenitor cells and compounds related thereto patent, US-7930617-B1: Sliding window block codes for cross-packet coding patent, US-7961701-B2: Method and system for event polling patent, US-7990783-B1: Postamble timing for DDR memories patent, US-8140990-B2: User interface visualizations patent, US-8263371-B2: Catalyzed preparation of (meth)acrylates of N-hydroxyalkylated amides patent, US-8447470-B2: Method for determining, in real time, the grip on a steering wheel of an electric power-assisted steering system for automobile patent, US-8479904-B2: Torque setting device patent, US-8564654-B2: Image pick-up apparatus patent, US-7080877-B1: Folding chair with sliding leg structure patent, US-7113473-B2: Optical information recording apparatus for stable recording patent, US-7116083-B2: Method and system for providing current limiting controllers for high reactance permanent magnet generators patent, US-7161567-B2: Light emitting device and apparatus using the same patent, US-7217887-B2: Power and ground shield mesh to remove both capacitive and inductive signal coupling effects of routing in integrated circuit device patent, US-7618839-B2: Pinned photodiode structure and method of formation patent, US-8111269-B2: Plant information display device patent, US-8453074-B2: Gradient based search mechanism for optimizing photolithograph masks patent, US-8494584-B2: Apparatus and method for providing SIM application toolkit in mobile communication system patent, US-7037730-B2: Capacitor with high dielectric constant materials and method of making patent, US-7121574-B2: Pin box assembly having interchangeable hitch couplers patent, US-7402461-B2: Method of connecting base materials patent, US-7947929-B2: Control apparatus for dryer patent, US-6881587-B2: Liquid-containing substance analyzing device and liquid-containing substance analyzing method patent, US-7824833-B2: Resin-coated ferrite carrier for electrophotographic developer, its production method, and electrophotographic developer using the resin-coated ferrite carrier patent, US-7903611-B2: Handoff method in a wireless local area network and apparatus using the same patent, US-8201312-B2: Working equipment and method for working a structure patent, US-8219899-B2: Verbal description method and system patent, US-8519547-B2: Chip arrangement and method for producing a chip arrangement patent, US-6784375-B2: Interconnection structure for interconnecting printed circuit boards patent, US-6934123-B2: Magnetic disk device and magnetic head slider patent, US-7052866-B2: Method for evaluating the efficacy of an antifungal agent patent, US-7136980-B2: Computer system implementing synchronized broadcast using skew control and queuing patent, US-7303900-B2: Methods for the production of tyrosine, cinnamic acid and para-hydroxycinnamic acid using recombinant microorganisms patent, US-7319542-B2: Document rehabilitation patent, US-7343353-B1: Method to turn off machines during-turn down period while achieving minimum cost and required cycle time patent, US-7620618-B2: Information processing apparatus having a virtual file folder structure converter and method therefor patent, US-8048716-B2: Structure of embedded active components and manufacturing method thereof patent, US-8191805-B2: Electrostatic atomizer patent, US-8193192-B2: Heterocyclic FXR binding compounds patent, US-8325631-B2: System and method for extending DSL transmission range patent, US-7842996-B2: Memory cell of nonvolatile semiconductor memory patent, US-8174816-B2: Ceramic electronic component patent, US-8296695-B1: Method and apparatus for performing fast incremental resynthesis patent, US-8432700-B2: Storage apparatus patent, US-6995207-B2: Removable pressure sensitive adhesives with plasticizer resistance properties patent, US-7128453-B2: Vehicular headlamp patent, US-7659195-B2: Method for forming metal line of semiconductor device patent, US-7997822-B2: Spreadable food metered dispenser system patent, US-7022849-B2: Quinazoline and pyrido[2,3-d]pyrimidine inhibitors of phosphodiesterase (PDE) 7 patent, US-7179757-B2: Replenishment of surface carbon and surface passivation of low-k porous silicon-based dielectric materials patent, US-7185231-B2: Methods and systems for collecting, analyzing, and reporting software reliability and availability patent, US-7677321-B2: Expandable tubulars for use in geologic structures, methods for expanding tubulars, and methods of manufacturing expandable tubulars patent, US-7924107-B2: Resonant tunneling structure patent, US-6818556-B2: Method of plating a metal or metal compound on a semiconductor substrate that includes using the same main component in both plating and etching solutions patent, US-7126964-B1: Method and apparatus for network analysis, such as analyzing and correlating identifiers of frame relay circuits in a network patent, US-7547186-B2: Nonlinearly stacked low noise turbofan stator patent, US-7618310-B2: Apparatus and methods for ventilation of solar roof panels patent, US-7631585-B2: Kickback-inhibiting devices for cutting devices patent, US-6923131-B2: Windsurfing catamaran with dynamic shock dampened rig centering keel and hull support patent, US-7415587-B2: Method and apparatus for adjusting performance of logical volume copy destination patent, US-7574480-B1: Radio terminal patent, US-6841498-B2: Catalyst system for ethylene (co)polymerization patent, US-7527137-B1: Combination shift and brake lever arrangement for a bicycle patent, US-7771797-B2: Photocatalyst material producing method and photocatalyst material producing apparatus patent, US-7879651-B2: Packaging conductive structure and method for forming the same patent, US-8325369-B2: Image scanning system, image scanner, and computer readable medium for image processing device patent, US-7066179-B2: Patient interface and headgear connector patent, US-8062934-B2: Integrated circuit package system with ground bonds patent, US-8353737-B2: Distributed system of autonomously controlled toy vehicles patent, US-7208305-B2: Variants of the α1 subunit of human AMPK patent, US-7545523-B2: Method, equipment system and computer program system for processing document data patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, 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